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5 February
United States
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adventureland, andrew garfield, apple, art, arthur sturridge, autumn, baseball, beanies, being fierce, bella, bella cullen, bella swan, bella/edward, bellastew, big cities, billy burke, bitchface, bitchfaces, blackberry, bobby long, books, breaking dawn, brit pack, british accents, britpack, camstew, cats, concerts, dakota fanning, dakotastew, dogs, eclipse, eddie redmayne, edward, edward cullen, edward/bella, eyesex, family, fanfic, fanfiction, fangirling, fapping, ff, flippy, fluff, foursquare, friends, glee, hea, hobos, hockey, into the wild, isle of wight, jella, jettstew, joan jett, johnny flynn, kbitch, kellan lutz, kristen jaymes stewart, kristen stewart, kstew, kstew's sneaker collection, kstew's wardrobe, live journal, lj, loquat pies, love, macs, making pies, mamastew, marcus foster, midnight movies, midnight sun, minnesota twins, movies, museums, music, musicals, my macbook, new moon, ninjastew, no drama, on the road, panic room, papastew, peter facinelli, pets, photography, plaid, poetry, pretty green eyes, project runway, r/k, raybans, reading, real person fic, roadtrips, rob, rob pattinson, rob/kris, rob/kristen, robert pattinson, robert pattinson/kristen stewart, robporn, robsten, robust butt, rpattz, rpattz/kstew, rpf, sam bradley, sex hair, shipping r/k, skinny jeans, sleeping, smut, sneakers, snow white, sparkly vampires, speak, spunk ransom, storms, sundance film festival, swath, tattoos, taystew, team bella, team cullen, team edward, the brit pack, the cake eaters, the messengers, the runaways, the yellow handkerchief, tom sturridge, tomstu, top chef, travel, twilight, twilight tuesdays, twitter, unf, vampires, we heart it, welcome to the rileys, writing

katie. "advocate. aunt. bff. bitch. city girl. daughter. dreamer. fbs mod. friend. internet addict. kitty mommy. mac addict. mini cooper owner. sister. social media addict. social networker. traveler. twitterer. volunteer." "likes:
apple. b&w artwork. book stores. (the) britpack. fanfic. hea's. kristen stewart. mini coopers. movies. museums. music. photography. poetry. raybans. reading. roadtrips. rob pattinson. rpf. smut. thunderstorms. traveling. twilight. vintage anything. way farers.

bad drivers. cold. drama. haters. homophobes. ignorance. snow. vanity."
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